Things I Took for Granted

Jen Summers

Jen Summers

The magic of a crowded dive bar 

Driving through the loop for school drop off

and watching my sons walk into school with their peers 

The resort packed on powder days

Free concerts with the whole town 

Lines to get into restaurants 

Having a babysitter 

Seeing my parents 

Sidewalk sales 

Soaking in the hot springs 

Extra-curricular activities 

Lysol wipes on fully stocked shelves 

Sending in birthday treats 

Birthday parties

Any parties  

Margaritas with friends 

Volunteering in the classroom 

Real classrooms 

Manicures and pedicures 



Hell, dentist appointments 

Gatherings of more than five people 

Where hugs are allowed 


WINNER of Bud's 2020 Stories from Home contest during our pandemic pause.

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